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    Names in the Bible

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    Names in the Bible

    Post by Susan on Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:21 pm

    Each name mentioned in the Bible has a specific are a few to get an idea as to the meaning of the names...

    Starting with Genesis:

    Adam: man
    Eve: life, living
    Abel: a breath, vapor, or vanity
    Cain: a possession; a spear
    Seth: appointed; a substitute
    Enoch: initiated; dedication; commencement—probably signifying a new manner of life
    Jared: descent
    Irad: runner; wild ass; townsman
    Mehujael: smitten by God
    Methusael: champion of El; man of God
    Lamechadah: (Unknown but suggested meanings of Lamech-man of prayer; powerful; youth; strong young man; conqueror; one who overthrows; destroyer; the strikerdown.)
    Zillah: (Unknown)
    Jabel: (Unknown)
    Jubal: jubilee, music
    Tubalcain: (Compound Name; Tubal- suggested :The name of a biblical man and a nation probably descended from him…Cain-a possession; a spear)
    Naamah: (Naam-rooth of name means) pleasantness

    The meaning of names is significant. Here is what I found on the internet. There are lists that tell about names of men, women, etc...found at this link:

    I am interested in what the names mean, when in context with the order of names given in the scriptures. Kind of like this (taking the meaning of the names that I have already given and only using the meaning of the names...(I made one correction, Cain was born before Abel...)

    man: life, living a possession; a spear appointed; a breath, vapor, or vanity a substitute
    initiated; dedication; commencement—probably signifying a new manner of life descent

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