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    Nuclear attack

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    Nuclear attack

    Post by Susan on Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:08 pm

    This is probably one of the most vivid dreams that I have dreamed to date. The visions are haunting and I saw and felt so much emotion throughout the dream.

    I was working in a store. It was a room full of mirrored walls. I remember the walls being painted cinder blocks. It was like a dressing room of sorts. Ladies were trying on the latest fashions. There was a table set up with refreshments. Then I heard sirens followed by a blast. The building shook like it would in an earthquake. There were injured people everywhere. Some were dead. I made my way out the door. You could see large areas of the city was gone.

    The scene changes.

    I am in another store as an employee meeting was called. I look in the mirror and notice a huge bald spot on the back top of my head. I have extremely long hair. So I quickly pull the remaining hair into a bun. Some of my hair is still outside the bun. We are offered water to drink. But it is bitter. My boss notices my hair has come down and the bald spot. He says I am injured and need medical help immediately. They begin to usher me into an area for triage.

    The scene changes.

    We are running. Trying to escape capture. We are running down a long corridor.  There is water on the floor. We run into a room and hide under the counter. The man chasing us tells someone in the hall he is there to help. But we know he is not helping. He sees one of the people hiding near us and approaches and grabs them.  I see a door and run out of the room. I am outside. My husband and I are running. Everywhere we look is death and destruction.  We find our truck and are fleeing. The roads are all broken up. We travel through a field following others who are fleeing also. I look out the window and see dead bodies bloody from the explosions.  Some of the bodies are partially buried. I see hands and feet sticking up out of the ground. We are trying to keep the truck from flipping as we are traveling on uneven ground. To one side is a tree or pole. There is a ravene on the drivers side. It is very narrow but we make it through.  I hear on the radio that the. Nuclear bombs are targeting poor areas of population. They are targeting major cities. I see a map showing the southern states.

    The dream ends.

    I believe this dream is showing the dangers of a nuclear attack.

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