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    Dream of 3-16-15 Rats dream

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    Dream of 3-16-15 Rats dream

    Post by Susan on Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:03 am


    I dreamed of rats, seven of them. Liter mates. Protected. First, hand nursed. The mother rat had died. Then in a being carried. The man carrying them was protecting them. He brings the rats into a building that has a keypad door lock. He is being careful not to be seen.

    The scene changes. He brings the baby rats, now weaned, to our house. He asks for deep plastic tub with a wire screen bottom to put them in. He is going to separate them into wire cages. The plastic tub temporary.

    In the dream my sister is afraid of another man who came to our house. She's hiding from him. She is in our bedroom. She says her mother isn't listening. Her mother has locked us out of her room.

    The scene changes. I can see the man with the rats coming. He reaches the hall, pushes button and the hall opens up.



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