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    dolls, batteries, heavy water, manatees

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    dolls, batteries, heavy water, manatees

    Post by Susan on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:18 am

    Dream of 2-5-15

    In the first part of the dream, hubby and I are in a shop, kind of like a hardware store, but part of the store had antique toys. It must have been near Christmas time. I was looking at the antique toys up on a metal gray shelve. There were the old pedal cars, made of metal, metal spinning tops,baby doll carriages, building blocks and dolls. My eye caught a large oversized plastic baby doll. I asked if the doll had any clothes. An older woman said yes, this doll could wear baby clothes and went to the back of the store, through a door. She came back with it dressed in little boy clothing. I said,I was buying the doll for my niece, but could give it to my nephew, since it was dressed as a boy. The lady said, she would be right back. She came back with the doll dressed in a white sleeper with the feet in it. I noticed the doll had a place for batteries, but looked like it had corroded. I asked if she had batteries so I could see if it still work. She said they were out of batteries. I decide not to buy the doll at this point.

    I don't remember much of the dream from this point. I woke up at 4:04 am. Hubby woke me up. He asked if I was ok. I told him I was fine, just needed to use the bathroom. I was sitting up in my recliner (when he woke me) that I actually have to sleep in. It took me several minutes to wake up enough to go relieve my bladder.

    Once settled again, I was praying about our baby bunnies. It was frigid outside last night. As I dozed, I began dreaming again.

    Back to dreaming:

    In this part of the dream, I am in a lab that does testing. There is a woman dressed in a lab coat. I am bringing in paperwork for her to sign. She has a closed beeker that she is holding with tongs. She is talking to me, telling me it is heavy water. Like the waste water that comes of nuclear plants. She drops the beeker and laughs, saying, now you've been exposed. I go push the alarm, for the spill. Three men come in and immediately begin checking us for contamination. She said she's going to expose the manatees to this heavy water in an experiment. I knew I had to warn someone.

    The scene changes. I see the woman pouring heavy water into what looks like the ocean or some very large sort of contained pool of water. It was a huge amount of heavy water being poured in. I see baby manatees, swimming in the water. In another area, is another tank with more baby manatees that had not been exposed. I'm trying to get someone's attention to save the exposed manatees. The dream ends.

    I woke up at 8 am.

    Note: By the way, the baby bunnies are fine. The New liters were born 2-3 & 2-4. They and momma's are toasty warm. The temp got down to 10 degrees last night. Not sure what the wind chill was. I don't know if I was transferring my concern for the baby rabbits in my dream. There was also an news article I saw briefly but did not read, about manatees in a river.

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