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  • reuse when you can
  • make do with what you have
  • seek out and use local agriculture
  • to make what you can for home use
  • make everything you can from scratch
  • to seek out and learn new ways to be frugal
  • to develop a spirit of creativity in managing your home
  • to feed and clothe your family well, but to live within your means.

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    Post by clark thompson on Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:45 pm

    John 12:9-11 King James Version (KJV)
    9 Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there: and they came not for Jesus' sake only, but that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead.
    10 But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death;
    11 Because that by reason of him many of the Jews went away, and believed on Jesus.

    John 12:9-11

    NSB 9 The common people of the Jews learned that he was there. So they came to see Jesus and Lazarus, whom he raised from the dead. 10 The chief priests took counsel that they might put Lazarus also to death. 11 This is because by reason of Lazarus many of the Jews believed in Jesus.

    These are my thoughts, please share yours.

    9 These Jews had heard about Lazarus being raised from the dead by Christ, Christ has power over life and death and because of this many wanted to find Him. They perhaps wanted Him to bring back their loved ones from the dead as He did with Lazarus.

    10 They wanted to kill Jesus because of Him showing He had power, He was taking power away from them and they wanted to kill Lazarus to when back the crowd by telling them that Jesus never raised the dead, tell them that there is no proof He did raise the dead. These people followed Christ because they saw proof; many would reject Him because they never had faith.

    11 Many were believing in Him not because of anything more than He did miracles, they seen Him as a miracle worker, if they truly believed in Him they would have never turned on Him, those that believed in Him feared for their lives, such as Peter did, Peter never turned on Christ, he just turned away from Christ.

    clark thompson

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