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    boxes lifted into the air by hellicopters

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    boxes lifted into the air by hellicopters

    Post by Susan on Mon Jun 16, 2014 12:31 pm

    I awoke from this dream about 9:30 am.

    In the dream I am watching two hellicopters flying over a field next to my house. They are lifting wooden boxes into the air and flying off with the boxes. One of the hellicopters is bright red. I call the children to come into the house. I fear one of the boxes falling and hurting the children. Now, I don't recognise all the children, but I know my grandchildren are with these children.

    The dream chanes from day to night time. I see lights shining through our windows like a search is taking place.

    The dream changes again and it is daylight. I'm pulling out old quilts to cover the windows because the search lights had been blindingly bright. The red hellicopter lands in my yard. The pilot knocks on my door. He's giving us a warning, that is a search will soon be door to door. He said they are making him move boxes. He is a Christian and came to warn us. He tells me they have beene equipped with night vision and can see how many are inside houses with heat sensors.

    I am pulling pins out of the curtains as I tallk to the pilot. Some of the pins hit the floor as we are talking. He says it will begin...and te dream ends.

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