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    Football vs. JESUS (A Sermon)

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    Football vs. JESUS (A Sermon)

    Post by Susan on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:56 am

    Most of this dream, seems to be self interpreted, but only parts seem to be in need of interpretation. It also seems to be set in the fall of the year, like we are in now.

    I pray that the LORD will give a COMPLETE INTERPRETATION to this dream.

    The dream:

    In the beginning of this dream, my hubby and I are going out to an old fashioned general store/antique mall. We are visiting the owner, who is a friend of ours. I remember we are walking through the store, up some stairs and looking at everything. When we are done looking, the owner and my hubby began talking about some things he wants to give us, that he thinks we could use, an old sewing machine base, is one of the items. As he and my hubby are talking, some of his workers begin loading the items in our truck bed. Then we leave. I then remember going to another place, and found some drapes, that were beautifully made. I remember asking if I could store the drapes at the antique shop, and we return. I leave the drapes, but they are not folded but laid over the end of a peice of furniture. The drapes were made of a beautiful brocaded Demask Fabric.

    The dream changes. We are talking about the fair being in town, and my hubby wants to go. But as we are driving, we come upon a church. We decide to go into this church instead. The congregation is a good size, but it isn't one of those mega churches with thousands in attendence. The pastor, is a black man. He is wearing a nice suit, and he is smiling, welcoming everyone to the services. We find seats, and the sermon begins. (I don't remember any singing.)

    In the sermon, the pastor is doing a comparative, of the game of football and JESUS. He starts out describing the playing field, the shape, the number of yards marked off, etc. Then, he describes the world, as a field of opportunity to win souls to JESUS. Next he describes the players, the MC, the referee's, the team captain, and even water boys. Then, he compares all these players with, JESUS, pastors, teachers, and congregations. Now, he goes into some details of how the game is played. He talks about the two teams and the goals at each end of the playing field. As he describes this, he then says our playing field also has two goals, heaven and hell. The field is a large plot of land, that is divided into sections, but, there is a narrow road that leads to heaven. The other more traveled road, leads to our destruction and hell. He goes on to describe how points are made, through out the game. He tells the congregation, that we don't have a point system. GOD has a BOOK he keeps our life record in, and this BOOK will one day be used to JUDGE everyone by. Those that win, will be in the BOOK of LIFE, those that loose, will not be listed. He tells everyone that while watching football games, or even playing them, can be lots of fun and entertainment; there is another more important thing that we all should be doing. It is important for each of us, to be WINNING SOULS for CHRIST JESUS. He talks about the heroes of the game, the one who makes the final points, which win with the higher score. He says that our HERO needs to be JESUS. The ONLY one, who laid down HIS own life, so that we might have ETERNAL LIFE. (I do remember scriptures being read, throughout the services, but don't remember the verses.)

    The scene changes, as I am beginning to wake up from this dream. I am dreaming that I am in my bed, and I hear two of my friends talking to me. I get up, and begin to straighten the covers, and I notice I have 2 top bed sheets, on the bed. One on either side of our quilt. I take the extra top bed sheet off, wondering out loud how that happened. Then, one of my friends hands me another quilt. I tell her, that the quilt isn't needed just yet, but will be soon, because our room gets super cold in the winter time.

    Then I begin sharing about the sermon we heard. The dream ends.

    Psalms 118:26 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the house of the LORD.

    I use the KJV Bible, unless otherwise noted.

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