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    dREAM OF 7/11/2010~ Edmundtson

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    dREAM OF 7/11/2010~ Edmundtson

    Post by Susan on Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:55 am

    Dream of 7/11/2010- Edmundtson

    I woke up early this morning , about 7 am, and remembered my dream, Here is what I dreamed.

    We were living in a small apartment, in what looked to be projects. My family was moving in with me, and it was a very cramped space. Across the way, I was watching a building being erected, which I thought were more apartments. Once it was completed, I was going to see if any other units were available. Upon the building's completion, it looked to be a huge mansion type house, in the midst of these apartment complex's. It had a sign outside, for anyone to come a look at it. So, I went over, and a nicely dressed black woman, greeted me at the door. She explained it was 2 4 bedroom units, at reasonable prices, that we could purchase, and if we chose to buy both, a partition wall would be removed, making it into one house, with 2 kitchen areas. There were a lot of others within the house, looking at it, too. Each room was decorated in an elaborate-ornate manner. The fabrics looked to be expensive silk imports. The bedrooms each had a bat attached to it. I remember the doors were french doors to each bedroom, but the glass was glazed, so no one could see through it. After going through both units I asked the price, and it was $357 a month, per unit. The 2 units a month would have been $714. I was given a form to fill out, and I walked outside.

    Across the way, was another apartment complex, which had been blocked from view by the new building. My daughter called me over, and said: “mom look at what is going on in Edmundtson!” Outside, I could see a police officer lying on the ground. He had been shot in the back. A young woman came running to help him, and she was also shot. She landed on top of the police officer. I thought how odd, this was. Then, I looked up and saw, people with their backs to me, unlocking their apartments. Then, I heard a round of gunfire, and they all had been shot.

    The scene changes,

    I am outside of the apartment complex, called Edmundtson. I see massive police officers taunting the residents of this building. They are heavily armed men. They were aiming their weapons to fire again. I remember seeing a white man, with 2 daughters, and he is telling them that Edmundtson, has the finest reputation, for students to live in. I turn my attention back to the police officers, and one is laughing about what they were doing. I begin to speak out against the shedding of innocent blood. I told them, that they needed to stop killing people for sport. I remember as the dream was coming to a close, saying John 3:16 loudly, and inviting anyone to accept JESUS as LORD and SAVIOR.

    The scene changes.

    I see a group of women, who were getting ready to open their apartment doors, Instead of them being shot, they were herded down the stairs, and told to sit in the grass. The police were taunting them, and one, had on square frame glasses, and an police officer handed her another square pair of glasses. She put it on, and commented to the girl sitting next to her, about how they looked. Then I remember I was still speaking out about the LORD. And everyone, was listening to what I was saying, including the officers.

    The dream ends.

    Psalms 118:26 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the house of the LORD.

    I use the KJV Bible, unless otherwise noted.

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