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    Post by Susan on Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:13 pm

    Fennel is a bulb and herb. For me, I remember fennel as very pungent in aroma, and you either love it or can't stand it. I learned a little bit about fennel, while living near some Italian neighbors, in upstate NY. They taught me how to make a weak fennel tea, for my babies, when they had colic. The fennel tea, had to be made like a weak tea, and it had to be strained. They preferred the use of fresh fennel leaves to make this tea. But other than that, I didn't know very much about this bulb. Then I read an article in First Magazine's March 2009 issue. Here are some of my notes from this article:

    Good for allergy sufferers...

    Fennel, has about 20% of the RDA of Vitamin C. This nutrient reduces blood levels of inflammatory histomine and can ease allergy symptoms by 40%! Fennel is a rich source of quercetin, which is a flavonoid that stalizes histamine releasing mast cells, that boost your resistence to allergens!

    Increases alertness:

    Fennel has a combination of potassium and phosphorus, which helps thin the blood, and increases the delivery of oxygen to the brain. Potassium helps with choline, which is a component of acetycholine; the nuerotransmitters found in your brain.

    One serving a day of fennel, can soothe chronic cases of indegestion and cramps. The bulb contains anethole, an aromatic componete of the plants natural oil, which as an antispasmatic effect that hinders pain produced in intestinal muscles and contractions.

    Fennel also contains rutin, which is an antioxidant flavonoid, that stops free radicals from weakening the collagen in blood vessel walls.

    Fennel, is also contains kaempferol, which promotes healthy skin cell renewal.

    For more about fennel:

    I think I am investing in some fennel bulbs, as an addition to my herb garden!

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