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    Coupon Parties Big on Fun and Savings

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    Coupon Parties Big on Fun and Savings

    Post by Susan on Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:25 pm

    Coupon Parties Big on Fun and Savings
    Instead of Spending Money, Guests Learn How to Save

    Q's= coupons

    I do save q's and save money by watching how I use them. This article is 4 pages long, but worth the read! I also am a member of at least two of the mentioned forum websites. If you join, put in: onetiggerroo, as a reference member. The forums are:

    A Full Cup:

    Hot Coupon World:

    Also, I don't buy into these programs, but I know that some do. For instance, in the article above, the women are making money by doing seminars, on how to do the couponing thing. What I do, is share my q's ads with my neighbors, and we all get to take coupons that we use, out of the ads. I also use about three sets from the Sunday Paper. A Full Cup has a section that tells you which week the coupon ads will be in most Sunday Papers. The key is watching your ads, over a twelve week period, and also clipping q's to match the ads. I clip only q's that we normally would use. And I only stock up, what I know we can use witin the 12 week period. After a while you get the hang of it, and it does get easier to do. Also, I watch the forums for free samples, but be careful about these offers. I have found a few that were bogus. Oh, never pay or give personal information or Credit Card info, to websites, that are supposed to be giving a sample to you. Most legitimate sample ads will only want your name, mailing addy, email addy and age. Some may ask a couple of feld questions regarding the use of a product. If they ask for you to do more than this, usually it is bogus, please don't send your info through! I do use a special (free) email account for this activity only, and don't use my regular email account. You can sign up for a free email with gmail, yahoo and hotmail, just a name a few. I do this, because you will get slammed wth offers, that you may not want...and some that you really want! Another thing I don't do, on these websites, is coupon trains. It takes time and money for postage, and I never really got many q's I could use up, before they expired. Most of the time, when on these forums, I look for better ways to save money, what ads are up and what stores that I shop at the most.

    If you have any questions,about anything I have covered, please let me know and I can try to answer them. If I can't answer, then I will try to find an answer for you.

    Psalms 118:26 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORD: we have blessed you out of the house of the LORD.

    I use the KJV Bible, unless otherwise noted.

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    Re: Coupon Parties Big on Fun and Savings

    Post by donovankrebs on Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:39 pm

    I stopped using so many coupons awhile ago, as it's so time consuming. I do use the Walmart Savings Catcher program though, and I've gotten back around $30 so far from that, but you have to spend it at Walmart.

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